Context Cutting Description   Pics  (H/I)       Cat East North Max Width Max Length Depth/Height Layer Overlies/Seals Overlain/Sealed by Cuts Cut by Abuts/Contiguous Associated with Hand FS Typed FS Any FS H I PDF URL Hand drawing links   Ink drawing links  
F01117 E99 Posthole. It was visible after the removal of layer (1). The fill consists of limestone pebbles and chips in brown earth. PDF         1     30 cms   20 cms     Layer (1)         1 1 1
F01118 E99 Depression. The fill consists of (1) tightly packed chipples and brown earth and (2) more loosely packed chipples .Associated finds: It contains one large lump? Burnt? Blus
PDF         2     94 cms   19 cms               1 1 1
F01119 E99 Depression. The fill consists of two layers (1) tightly packed loose material;limestone chips and brown soil with a few large stones. (2) Tightly packed light brown material, mostly soil. It contains one lump of blue stone, possibly lias. PDF         2     130 cms   18 cms               1 1 1
F01126 E99 Posthole. Part of the posthole is cut away. The fill contains a large number of burnt stones in brown earth. This posthole is on a central axis line consisting of F01122, F01123, F01124, F01125,F01126 PDF         1     56 cms   23 cms             F01122, F01123, F01124, F01125,F01126 1 1 1
F01127 E99 Natural joint between fissures. Excavation proved this to be a natural joint between fissures. N.B. Finds (bone) should go in F01131. PDF         0     52 cms   46 cms               1 1 1
F01131 E99 Scoop 15. A hollow which became clearly visible after the removal of a top layer of stones. The scoop is approximately underneath the heavy concentration of burning, daub and pottery. Bone fragments were removed from the scoop. The burnt areas on the surface when trowelled mostly disappeared leaving a band of burning along the eastern edge of the disturbed areas. This band was sectioned and found to be the edge of the scoop. The fill consists of limestone blocks and chips in a brown earth. It contains bone fragments. N.B., also has finds from F01127. PDF         2     390 cms   59 cms               1 1 1