Context Cutting Description   Pics  (H/I)       Cat East North Max Width Max Length Depth/Height Layer Overlies/Seals Overlain/Sealed by Cuts Cut by Abuts/Contiguous Associated with Hand FS Typed FS Any FS H I PDF URL Hand drawing links   Ink drawing links  
F02551 N1 Area of red burnt limestone on surface only, 1 layer thick. Possibly the last vestiges of a hearth, as the finds concentration would indicate such. PDF         4                         1 1 1
F02552 N99, N1 A strip of burning with concentrated patches was noted in level (1) of the Southern third of N99 and a smaller area of N1 (see Plan (1) of N99 + N1). Two main concentrations given no's F02553 and F02555. Thought to be an area of natural faulting (see the jumbled stones on Plan (2)). Finds present throughout the feature. PDF         0                         1 1 1
F02554 M1, N1 Hearth, The original area of burning (see Plan (1), N1) was sectioned North-South with the eastern half removed. This proved, like F02551, to be a one stone-thick layer of burning. However, slightly to the East of this and running into cutting M1, a number of large flat grey and red burnt stones were uncovered. These look like they are the remains of a hearth. However, very little was found during sectioning, in contrast to the other possible hearths. There were numerous finds in the surrounding area, seemingly indicating some sort of building or structure. Finds: Daub, pottery, flint etc. PDF     1   4               Layer (2)         1 1 1   1
F02562 N1 Deleted. PDF     1 2 0     60 cms   35 cms               1 1 1   2
F02566 N1 Shallow remnants of possible neolithic scoop/posthole. Finds include a broken antler pick thus neolithic date. Fill of small stones and slanting larger stones. PDF     1 2 2     50 cms   15 cms               1 1 1   2
F02568 N1 Posthole, Iron Age similar to F02557 and probably F02572. Stone and earth fill with some chipple. Post incorporates a rather large cut into southern edge which is probably due to the removal of the post. PDF     1   1     40 cms   55 cms             F2557, F2579, F2581 1 1 1   1
F02569 N1 Fill of small stones and earth. Characteristic of Neolithic scoop. Possibly associated with F02566. Finds: Flint and bone. PDF     1   2     60 cms   25 cms             F02566? 1 1 1   1
F02571 N1 Dubious pit feature, cut down through layer (2). Date uncertain as there are no finds from within it, only on the surface. Fill mostly of large stones. PDF     1   2     80 cms   35 cms               1 1 1   1
F02572 N1 Posthole, of Iron Age date, probably associated with F02557 and F02568. Fairly complex fill layered:
. large stones
. chipples
. flat stones
PDF     1   1     60 cms   65 cms               1 1 1   1
F02573 N1 Small posthole, nicely cut through F02111. A number of finds including a sherd of (probable) Iron Age pottery. Fill of small stones and earth. Matches F02114 on O1 although F02114 was sealed by, not cut through, F02111. PDF     1   1     20 cms   40 cms       F02111       1 1 1   1
F02575 N1 Posthole, Iron Age. Fill, predominantly chipple with some larger stone. Possible ramp at southern edge or may just be fault disturbance. Part of a house around F02554? PDF     1   1     50 cms   63 cms               1 1 1   1
F02576 N1 Posthole, small. Profile matches F02573 and F02114 on O1. PDF     1   1     29 cms   55 cms               1 1 1   1
F02577 N1, N2 Posthole, on the edge of N1 and N2. Fill of small stones and earth. PDF     1   1     40 cms   30 cms               1 1 1   1
F02580 N1 Posthole, base. Fill mostly of soil with very few stones. Forms part of a group (probably) of 4 with F02575 and another two which should be in M1. PDF     1   1     40 cms   20 cms               1 1 1   1
F02586 N1 Posthole, small, neatly cut near fault lines. Fill of jumbled stone and earth. PDF         1     30 cms   35 cms             F02587 1 1 1
F02588 N1 Large pit, very badly disturbed by roots and a fault, therefore very uncertain edges. Layer (2) had the familiar four poster, hard packed leached soil and limestone. Quite a few finds, noticeably large pieces of bone. Similar, perhaps, to nearby F02571 - in shape, not in fill. PDF         2     70 cms   30 cms               1 1 1
F02589 N1 Base of possible posthole. Perhaps Iron Age in date, with a few finds. Fill indistinct, loose stone and earth. PDF     1   1     40 cms   10 cms               1 1 1   1
F02592 N1 Posthole, cut into disturbed area. Probably Iron Age in date. Possibly related to F02572. PDF     1   1     30 cms   40 cms               1 1 1   1