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The detailed finds schedule for the cutting can be seen by clicking this link, the layout of which is explained here.

The season(s) we excavated here. Each year from 1969 -1993 is called CH69 - CH93.

A very short summary of the key findings in this part of the site

These are the main plans covering the whole cutting, or large parts of it. Click to see big versions. There are often many more in the plan album (see ‘All cutting plans’ button below).

You can navigate to nearby cuttings here. Double arrows show there is a jump to the next cutting.

The menu lets you jump to the key navigation pages

Notes made during the dig by the site supervisor can be read with these two links. These often include useful extra plans and drawings. Each book opens as an album which lets you read page by page.

An album of general photos from the cutting can be viewed via this button.

All the plans from the cutting are collected in one album here, including all the sections and small plans.

Click here to download all the feature sheets as a .zip. Beware - big files.

These are the features we found on the site (postholes, walls etc). For more details, click this link to see the detailed schedule of features in the cutting, the layout of which is explained here.

Each of the 250+ separate areas on the site (called cuttings) has its own page. Here’s what you can find out from each page.

The cutting page

One of the key photos for the cutting. In most cases, the approximate cutting boundary is marked.

Plan id - P1 = Plan 1; P2o = Plan 2 overlay; FP = Feature Plan

The cutting id

If there are photos of features, you can see them in an album here