The Crickley Hill archive is maintained electronically as an archive in the public interest. The purpose of the archive is to facilitate research into the archaeology of Crickley Hill and its surrounding area, and the prehistory and early history of the UK in general.

The archive does contain a small amount of personal data. This includes some photographs of individuals, and the names of excavators on plans authored by them and in contemporaneous supervisor notes. In some cases (but not all) individuals are identifiable from this information. However it is not indexed and not searchable electronically, neither is any personal data other than an individual’s name recorded. Since this information forms part of the original documentation of the excavation, the Trust determines that its inclusion in the archive is fair and reasonable in support of the declared purpose of the archive.

Since all information in the archive was collected prior to 1998, there is no requirement to inform Data Subjects that their information (no matter how slight) is included in the archive.

The Trust asserts that the personal information included is part of an archive in the public interest. It is therefore exempt from many of the requirements of the Data Protection Act such as right of access, right of appeal, right to have personal data deleted, or deletion of information after a given time period.

Notwithstanding this exemption, the Trust is keen to ensure that the information in the archive is accurate, and that personal information included in it does not cause significant harm or distress to individuals. Consequently, if you believe information in the archive is erroneous, or you believe the archive is being used for something other than its intended purpose, or you are the subject of personal information which you believe you have reason to have removed or obscured, then please contact the nominated Data Controller (details below) stating the information and the reasons.

You can view the formally adopted GDPR Data Protection Policy document for the Trust here.

The Data Controller for the archive is Mr S. Vaughan. He can be contacted by email at

Copyright (c) The Crickley Archaeological Hill Trust 1969-2021. The right to use, copy, distribute or otherwise disseminate this material is reserved to those specifically authorised by The Trust.

Data Protection

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